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The Governor’s Hills is not just a residential place, it is a community of peace-loving people. Convenience wise, it has been established that this community is truly convenient as it is located near places of key importance. At this point, comfort living will be discussed. 

Suntrust Properties, Inc. worked hard to ensure that the promise of comfort for the residents of the Governor’s Hills is achieved. Thus, within its available resources, Governor’s Hills features were greatly improved and some of the world-class amenities were provided to the community. 

Part of the highlighted service facilities of the Governor’s Hills includes a secured Entrance & Exit gates with a functional guard house and an active duty Security Guard who is strictly monitoring the movements of cars, visitors and even the residents using their logbook. These records are well-kept for security reasons. With this implementation, pilferage, theft and all sorts of felony cases will be avoided. The Security Team of the community is operational 24/7, 365 days a year. Security Personnel are well-trained professionals who are masters in guarding lives and properties. 

Within the village grounds, is an established educational institution, the Governor’s Hills Science School which caters to the educational needs of the students within the community. There is also a village shop or a commercial center within Governor’s Hills to make sure that the retail needs of the residents are supplied. A shuttle service was also provided to the community to ensure that the mobility of most residents are enhanced. Within the community, 2 service providers for phone and internet are actively working for individual subscriptions – Smart Telecommunications Company and Globe Telecommunications Company. 

Meanwhile, the list of generously provided amenities and first-class recreational facilities are few of the best reasons why the Governor’s Hills is a standout community. Topping the list is a huge village/community clubhouse that has a wide parking facility and large multi-purpose hall which is very much ideal for community and family usage. Private family affairs like birthday, wedding or anniversary parties can be held here. Other communal events may also be held at the clubhouse. A large adult pool is available for families and neighbors to spend their free time with their children. Just beside the adult pool is a kiddie pool for children’s own swim time. Weekends can be spent here as kids truly love swimming. Such a perfect place for adults to know their neighbors or even just to socialize. 

Due to the vastness of The Governor’s Hills, a mini-park with Gazebo was placed. This is another relaxing avenue for everyone to enjoy. Free clean air and an unlimited view of an endless lush greenery – perfect moment to meditate. The mini-park is well-maintained, thoroughly cleaned, everything is just so perfect. 

There is also a provision for basketball courts. Majority of Filipino men love basketball, seems like national sports. With this provision, enthusiasts can have time to enjoy their time off playing basketball with friend and neighbors. This is a sure bonding moment among neighboring boys. 

  • Governor's Hills Science School (GHSS)
  • Village Clubhouse
  • Multi-purpose hall
  • Parking facilities
  • Swimming pool (outdoor) with pool bar (adult)
  • Kiddie pool
  • Putting green
  • A well-landscaped mini-park with Gazebo for scenic and relaxing setting
  • Basketball courts
  • Open Spaces intended for development of mini parks strategically located within each village
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